Erasing Cultural Diversity in the Muslim World?

An interesting article from Binashah a Pakistani feminist

hahahhaa niqab things98
I am doing a little editing on her meme:
First I added Indonesians’. From 32 provinces I chose the largest tribe’s traditional dresss: kemben is one of Javanese dress, been used by Muslimahs fit with when the climate is very warm and very wet and still used in the weddings by the Muslims. The second is baju bodo, a Bugis traditional dress, one of a big tribes in Sulawesi island.
Second, she chose Dayak for representing Malaysia (which could be misleading as Dayak are also mostly in Indonesia too – and may usually not all Muslims like the Malay Non-Dayaks), so I replaced it with Malay style baju kurung (teluk belanga style), the one I usually worn when I was in Malaysia; and I edited more representative one for Iran – it would be black chador. I think it is not only Salafism that is the problem, but Khomeinism too as you can see Masih Alinejad and friends in Iran are struggling for.
RA Gayatri WM

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